Sentence first


8th April 2012


Let silence reign

He hoped the guy would shut up now. Ye need silences. Ye can get them inside. Usually it’s noisy as fuck but no always. When ye do get them they can be incredible like there’s no even a breath, all ye hear is yer own body, the blood pumping. And if ye’ve taken a doing ye imagine ye can hear yer muscles and yer bones knitting the gether, yer body getting itself back into working order. Sometimes it’s best to let silence reign; other times it isnay. The guy was still shifting about on the bunk.

You got a problem? said Sammy.

He said it in his ordinary speaking voice but it seemed to boom out and it was like the guy was waiting for the boom to die away before he gave his answer: A problem? he said.

James Kelman, How Late It Was, How Late

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